Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's over

Like a rebirth for this blog, Barrack Obama is now the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party's Candidacy for the President of the United States! I say like the rebirth because now I can actually speak about this damn race. I've said it before, but I'm not a partied voter. I don't participate in primaries because I don't belong to either party. I reserve the right to remain an independent voter and because of that, I don't believe I should vote in party primaries. But enough about me. Now I have to say that I didn't believe Obama was the best man for the job out of the original list of eight hundred or so candidates, but let's face it. Chris Dodd is just a little too liberal for this country right now. I've been all about Obama since Dodd's concession and I can say now that I think Hillary Clinton's BS has really gone too far. She had the ability to start tonight and she failed. She failed this country as a respectful candidate to the Presidency. Perhaps tomorrow someone will give her the hint. But anything beyond now is nothing but a narcissistic fantasy.

Listen to Obama's speech from tonight. Tell me this man doesn't respect where he is right now and tell me he isn't the better candidate against John McCain. Then tell me how completely wrong you are... This should be the next President of our Nation. Barrack Obama.

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