Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The answer to our Energy Problems... Hitler

This is the sort of forward thinking we should be getting from out Republican friends in the House:

I think the people that elect us deserve to know what our plan is. The Republican side has come out with a plan. They say, "Look, we're gonna take advantage of our natural resources. We're gonna take advantage of the things that we were God-given in this land. We're gonna take advantage of our oil reserves, of our natural gas, of our abundance of coal." We're gonna take advantage of those things, and we're gonna use the technology that we've been so good about coming up with. We're gonna take and convert this shale to oil, which Hitler did in the late '20s. In the late '20s. And we don't think that we can do that today?

I agree with Kos on this: "As though anybody gives a shit what Hitler's energy policy was."

UPDATE: That was Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), btw for anyone too lazy for the link.

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