Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day Massacre

Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh, but I'll stick with it since I'm allowed to get dramatic once in a while. But I don't feel like working right now, because I need to get this out somehow. Basically my boss is an idiot. There I said it, he's an idiot. And I'm not talking about my manager, I'm talking about my boss, the man that signs the paychecks.
Why is he an idiot? Well it's simple. I've only been here for about 2 years and in that time, I've seen more bad personnel decisions than nearly every job I've worked. Today was another example of how dense this man is. A very good friend of mine started working here a little while ago, less than a year. A few months after being here she started getting propositions from another company for a similar job. This other job happened to be our direct competitor, which is worth mentioning, but not really. So last week he called my friend to tell her that he had a job opening paying substantially more money and taking care of one area that she was most concerned about... training. Now training in most places is shit, I've worked many a job where the people training me knew less than I did, so I'm pretty used to it, but she wanted to actually learn something at work, go figure.
So she brings this up to her manager who does a fairly appropriate and expected thing. He took her to lunch and tried to find out if there was anything that might make her stay. indirectly that is. He also tried his best to figure out what the plan of this competitor was and how it involved her. Sneaky huh?
Well after getting nothing out of her, he asked that she wait to do anything until she could speak with my boss today. They sat in a meeting where they basically tried to use loyalty reasoning to guilt her into staying. This was in my opinion the stupidest choice. Loyalty is something at issue when you've been at a company for years. If it hasn't even been one, money talks. Of course I'm sure they spent plenty of time bashing the person she got the job from, as anyone would expect when talking about a competitor, but to even think that would make a dent in the decision is again another bad choice. So after she left to think about it and came back with the same decision they asked her to leave. Another stupid decision. Why ask someone to leave when they are willing to give you a final two weeks and why try to guilt someone into staying when you could at least make an attempt to offer something better? But of course I only really have one side of the story, but I wish her not only the best of luck in her new endeavor, but I'm quite sure the BS I'll be hearing about it for the next several weeks won't come even close to the truth.
LIES. That's what runs this place.

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