Thursday, March 20, 2008

I never did trust this lady...

However this advice does deserve some fallback:

DEAR ABBY: I am 27, and my wife, "Marybeth," is 26. We recently went to my folks' house for supper. That evening a heavy snowstorm was starting and, because the trip home is 30 miles, we decided to stay overnight.

My old bedroom is upstairs, as are the rooms of my brothers, ages 25, 24 and 22. The guest room is downstairs. Because the room is quite small, and Marybeth said she felt a cold coming on, we decided I'd sleep in my old room.

The next day, while we were driving home, Marybeth told me she was glad I had come to her room after all and made love to her.

Abby, it wasn't me! She had mistaken one of my brothers for me in the darkness. We are all about the same size and build.

I have talked to each of my brothers (they all know about this), but they won't say who it was for fear of causing a rift between the guilty party and me. I told them that unless I find out who it was, there will be a permanent rift between all of us. (Marybeth still doesn't know it wasn't me.)

How do I handle this? -- ENRAGED IN ROCHESTER, N.Y.

DEAR ENRAGED: While you and your brothers may have a strong family resemblance, I find it hard to believe that you all smell, taste and make love like clones. So please do not accept as gospel that your wife didn't have an inkling that it wasn't you. As to who actually crept into her bed in your absence, if your brothers won't reveal who the guilty party is, then they're all equally guilty, and I wouldn't blame you for severing ties with them.

It's time to have a serious chat with your wife and get chapter and verse on what happened that night. Then she should be tested for STDs and treated if necessary.

It is possible for a couple to get past something like this, if you're both willing to work at it. The shortest route would be with the help of a licensed family therapist.

Sounds to me like Abby is more concerned about defaming a woman she doesn't even know instead of seeing this story for what it is...rape. If this woman has really had sex with one of her husband's brothers intentionally why would she tell her husband what a great time it was? Wouldn't she just keep it under her hat? I mean I know if I was lying about cheating on someone the last thing I'd do is thank them for the wonderful night with someone else. This man is in a difficult position and needs to inform his wife that she was raped. And worse, he needs to tell her that a member of the family was responsible. That in itself is much more difficult and probably a bit above Dear Abby. It's much easier to blame that slutty whore for opening her legs for another man. Stupid people with their stupid answers to real problems.

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Anonymous said...

The letter said that Marybeth had a cold coming on. Maybe she took Nyquil or Bendaryl and was really out of it by the time the pervy brother arrived.

Regardless, it sounds like three of the brothers are in their 20s and still live with mommy. Sounds messed up.