Monday, March 31, 2008


What makes me laugh about this, even though it isn’t really funny is that Dobbs proves his own point wrong. When you think of how many other phrases and expressions we use commonly have some root in slavery or racism, it’s obvious that what Rice said, and what Wright said and what Obama said is all true. We still have race issues in this country and regardless, someone like Lou Dobbs will never have the ability to legitimately claim otherwise. His own mistake proves that he has also been tainted by this “defect” and isn’t even aware of it until it practically falls out of his mouth.
We still have race issues in this country and we have never been the front runner in progressively solving that problem. The race issue in the U.S. is worse than many countries overseas because we have a culture that was raised with the constant spurn of the rich white man that can no longer exploit minorities for easy cash. The immigration issue is another proof of that. It doesn't matter that we're not talking about white and black anymore. Immigration reform has the possibilities of ridding all those rich white folks of their cheap labor and while it's no where near the situation of slavery in this country, it has parallels. It all boils around certain people claiming that race is an issue when they really have no basis for the experience of minorities in this country. Lou Dobbs is a rich white man. A rich white man saying "most people don't have problems with racism" is not valid. His experience is void of racism in his mind because he's never been a victim and personally probably ignores any hint of racism in his everyday life because it doesn't have to affect him.

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