Thursday, December 06, 2007

And Iran.. Iran so far away..

Okay, this Iran crap is really starting to get on my nerves. As I've mentioned here several times before, Iran is not a threat to the United States. Anyone that thinks so is on a war march to take out the middle east. This is a neo-con plot that was created when the first Bush was in office.

So the NIE says that Iran stopped their nuclear program in 2003. That means the President and his entire administration were just proven wrong right? Well of course not. How can you prove someone wrong when they don't have any accountability to begin with? NPR reported this this morning:
A day after the NIE is made public, President Bush says he was first told by Director of Intelligence Michael McConnell in August that there was new intelligence about Iran's nuclear program, but that he wasn't told what that new intelligence was at the time. President Bush, in a press conference, says he still regards Iran as "dangerous." He asks reporters, "What's to say they couldn't start another covert nuclear weapons program?"

Yes, that's true. It was a covert operation, so what's to say there isn't another one we don't know about? But to that I say, what's to say that President Bush isn't funding that program? We certainly have proof of two possible ways. Bush has a team of mercenaries answerable only to him AND we have several documents showing large amounts of money just plain missing from war spending reports. Perhaps the President is funding a covert nuclear weapons program in Iran that isn't even run by Iran. There's certainly that same amount of proof, right? I'm not saying this to prompt a conspiracy plot, I'm making a point about how the Bush administration deals with facts... they make the facts. It wouldn't matter if 80% of the United States signed a bill that stated that George W. Bush is a lying traitor, it wouldn't change a thing, because the administration would spin it to show that Bush's firm approach to foreign policy has led to an increase in homeland insurgency. We would see FOX news airing a report claiming "80% of the United States population could be working for Al Qaida" And probably some bullshit from Tucker Carlson claiming that anyone disagreeing with Bush's assertions should be locked up and investigated.

These people don't care about facts. They don't care about what's right or wrong, they only care about serving themselves to a big ol' plate of taxpayer money filtered through their crony corporate influence. These men are imperialists. It is their intent to make the Middle East the playground for Washington politics. To utilize the annual budget to subjugate disenfranchised Arabs with a puppet government in any country that we can bomb the shit out of. Iran is next on their list. It will be until these bastards are out of office and Congress understands that everything that has happened from 2000-2008 was a mistake that should be revoked. That includes the Iraq war, FISA changes, the homeland security dept., the Bush tax cuts and any other crap they've passed under our noses that smelled like so much foul shit we just covered our faces and turned away.

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