Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Even the Republicans...

...are sick of Bush's crap:
Congressional Democrats escalated a confrontation with President Bush over federal spending on Tuesday as the House overrode Mr. Bush’s veto of a popular water projects measure and approved a $215 billion bill to pay for health, education, labor and veterans programs despite a veto threat.

The vote on the water measure was 361 to 54, far more than needed to reject the veto. If the Senate follows suit, it will be the first time Mr. Bush has had a veto overturned.

After a long night of skirmishing on the House floor, 222 Democrats were joined by 47 Republicans in finally approving the $215 billion spending bill. Voting against the measure were 142 Republicans.

With an eye to the 2008 elections, Mr. Bush and Congressional Republicans are trying to re-establish the party’s faded reputation for fiscal responsibility, while Democrats are working to portray Republicans as being out of touch with the priorities of ordinary Americans.

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