Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Asshole in Cheif

I really will never have anything nice to say about this man. Our President is indeed the worst person to ever serve in that office:

NEW ALBANY, Indiana (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Tuesday issued the sixth veto of his presidency by rejecting a labor, health, and human services bill, but signed defense spending legislation, the White House said.

Bush vetoed the $600 billion labor, health and human services bill because it was about $10 billion more than what Bush had requested, and had more than 2,000 earmarks, or special-interest funds, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters aboard Air Force One.

"We call on Congress to take out the pork and reduce the overall spending levels and return it to the president," she said.

He consistently reminds us that he doesn't care about spending our tax dollars to help ourselves, while spending billions and billions on a war that we don't support. According to BBC news, that pet project referred to overseas as "Bush's War" is now costing about twice what's being declared because of so called "hidden costs".

The report was written by Democratic members of the Congress's Joint Economic Committee.

They calculate that between 2002 and 2008 the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan will have cost the average US family of four about $20,900.

The report adds that the amount could rise to $46,400 over the next decade.

It also says the funding is diverting investment away from US businesses.

The Democratic authors included the costs of treating wounded veterans and mounting interest payments on money borrowed to finance the wars.

They estimate that treating veterans could add more than $30bn to war costs, including disability payments and lost earnings for veterans affected by post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our Commander in Chief is a liar. He has failed us time and time again by pushing policy that harms America and Americans. He has singularly made the United States loathed around the world. His war kills Americans and foreign allies every day. His lack of concern for Americans has prevented legislation to promote health care, jobs, construction projects that are needed to protect our safety and much more. He's denied citizens the right to due process, ignored habeus corpus, balked at the Constitution and instated his own personal mercenary force.

There's a lot of talk in the news about the President of Pakistan and how he's more dictator than democratic. Perhaps we should be making these comments about our own President. It seems clear to me that he doesn't care about what we want as a country, but what he wants as a selfish, sad old man with no respect for history, culture or common sense. If George W. Bush were on the side of the road on fire, I wouldn't pull over to piss out the flames. I'm not Christian anymore, but I really do hope that one tenant of that religion turns out to be true. I hope that there is a judgment day and I hope that on that day this moron in office will receive his just desserts for destroying America and creating a world of hate for Americans. I hate you Mr. President and I hope you burn in hell.

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