Monday, October 22, 2007

Useless Laws

That's right, I said useless. Welcome to a new feature here at madness counseling, Useless Laws. As I think of them, I'm going to comment on what laws I really think have no necessary purpose and should be removed. These are not going to be silly laws like not being able to have a pig in your house on a Sunday, but normal everyday laws that I just don't understand why they should exist.

Vol. 1

I figure I should start with something that inspired me to begin this series. Today I let Ruby out for a little backyard stroll and standing on the porch we noticed fireworks in the distance. Ruby's a pretty relaxed puppy, so she didn't get startled or anything, but we both wanted to watch. Fireworks are launched when people feel the need to celebrate. Apparently someone a few blocks away felt today such an occasion. This is where the law comes into it. In Ohio, and I'd think several states, it's illegal to launch or hold fireworks. I think this is a useless law.

Now I know right away that the obvious reasons for this law come right up in the mind. The danger. The noise. Well that's pretty much it. Thinking about it, I can't think of a single reason why a law would be necessary that didn't involve either the danger or the noise. So let's look at these consequences.

The danger. Well we all know that fireworks, any firework is dangerous. But this is something that can be regulated. People in other states can purchase fireworks with valid ID showing they are over 18 years of age. Which we've already classified is when you're able to carry a gun and shoot people, to certainly fireworks can be used safely. I'm being a bit tongue in cheek sarcastic about this, because they're dangerous for everybody. So on this point, I'm going to concede on the fact, but use the example of neighboring states, that it's not that dangerous...really.

The noise. Now that is certainly an issue. except for one thing. There are already laws on the book(I plan on referencing them in future segments) that concern public nuisance and noise causing a disturbance to a neighbor. So on the noise itself, anyone with a problem could already call the police and have the situation handled in the manner that actually solves the problem. B the police busting some kids(over 18 of course) because they have fireworks, then you're not really informing them of the actual violation, which was making too much noise. So noise doesn't get a vote here, there's already something in place to deal with that. One law+ bonus purpose = better law.

So we'll edge back to actual consequences. When someone launches fireworks(and the neighbors don't mind) people all around get to witness brilliance displays of light magic. Some may ignore this as nothing to waste the time on, but those that love it get to stop for a second and gaze at something fun. Perhaps it's because I've never met a person that hates fireworks. I've never come across a person in my life that sees a glowing ember in the sky colored with brilliant purples and greens that doesn't smile a little.

We could mention here the fear of reminiscence in war times and bring up possibilities that the fireworks might not be fireworks but weapons in the air destroying some powerful symbol of our might as a nation, but they won't be. We all recognize fireworks when we see them. And we all know it means that someone is celebrating. And you don't have to know why to enjoy that feeling.

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