Monday, October 01, 2007

Make it stop! PLEASE!

From Atrios:
It'd be nice if our senators would stop wasting time debating which citizens they should be condemning.

Meanwhile, showing that as usual they understand this game much better, the Republicans have introduced a measure in the House to *commend* Rush Limbaugh.

Can we start talking about policy? Can we debate what is necessary for the country for once? Does it really change anything to commend or condemn citizens for being critical? We're supposed to have freedom of speech, so why don't we start using valuable debate time to solve the crisis in Iraq? Look at it this way. Years and years from now, when people look to history books, they'll see that all our Congress did during one of the most critical times in our history was argue about some idiots on the radio or in the newspaper while thousands of men and women just die. We'll look back and try to find great achievements from the leaders that we elected and we'll find no clear and worthwhile debate, but a bunch of High School students pissed because somebody tried to take their lunch money. These "serious" men in Washington could all use a kick in the pants. And that includes the Democrats! Wake the hell up people. Otherwise we won't have a country to defend, we'll just have a bunch of wankers continuously stealing from the public coffer until there's nothing left at all.

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