Thursday, October 11, 2007

How to turn tragedy into another excuse...

... to be a dick:
Summary: On his radio show, while discussing an incident in which a student shot four people at his Cleveland high school before killing himself, John Gibson asserted that "I know the shooter was white. I knew it as soon as he shot himself. Hip-hoppers don't do that. They shoot and move on to shoot again."

Two questions: What did John Gibson become an expert on "hip-hoppers"?
And how insensitive do you have to be to make a racist comment when the story concerns a white kid that shot up a school before killing himself?

Shit like this really makes me wonder why people like Gibson continue to work in television. You'd think with all of the corporate standards and concerns about political correctness that a huge network like Fox would at least keep their people in check. The bottom line is that whatever grandstanding some asshole on tv wants to make, people died yesterday. People died because of a student that had a problem. It may have been a mental problem, it may have had to do with the way he was treated in school. There are a myriad of possibilities for why this happened, and those are the issues that need to be dealt with. We don't need a bunch of people claiming that schools need better security or that the problem had to do with gun availability. We need to realize that our children are under intense pressure at early parts of their lives and to many a solution involves shooting up the school. We need to investigate why this is a solution to young people. And part of the problem is its portrayal in the media. A bigger problem is dickheads like Gibson making remarks like this that are totally off base, enrage a group that wasn't involved with this incident, and perpetuate non-existent stereotypes that people like Gibson believe are true because they've invented them. John Gibson believes he understands young America and their whacky hip-hop shootings. He believes he understands racism(he claims: "I know there's a few of you who want to call me racist. But when you do, remind -- let me remind you, African-Americans are dying in major cities because people won't face this problem."), but he doesn't understand racism, he creates it. He continues to believe that the problem is that African-Americans listen to hip-hop. Again the only connection to this dialog and the actual story is that SuccessTech has a majority of black students.

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