Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why you shouldn't trust men with mustaches

From ThinkProgress:
Today, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton appeared on Fox News and responded. He said that while he couldn’t confirm Baer’s statements, he “absolutely” hoped they were true:

HEMMER: One final step here, too, that I want to take with you. You told one of our producers earlier today that you don’t know if it’s true — and you’ve made that clear in our interview here, that you don’t know what the odds are or are not against that — but you hope it’s true. Why do you hope it’s true?

BOLTON: Absolutely. I hope Iran understands that we are very serious, that we are determined they are not going to get a nuclear weapon capability, and unless they change the strategic decision they’ve been pursuing for close to 20 years, that that’s something they better factor into their calculations.
The fact that anyone think attacking Iran is a good idea is pretty preposterous to say the least. I've mentioned here many reasons why Iran should not be looked at as a threat and why Iranian diplomacy should be ramped up if we really ever want to leave Iraq, but people like John Bolton and Dick Cheney see war as a profiteering goal, not as a resolution for anything. They figure the more war they start in the Middle East, the easier it'll be to fill their pockets. The fact that anyone takes these people seriously is proof that we don't care about facts anymore, just flexing muscles and serious looking men with grave faces. FEAR!

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