Friday, August 24, 2007

Sad... so sad

From Pharyngule via PZ Myers

Come February, we are going to be privileged to see a brand new movie that stars Ben Stein and portrays Intelligent Design creationism as the cool rebel oppressed by the stodgy old Darwinist bullies. Did you know that "scientists are not allowed to even think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator"? I didn't either. I think a lot of scientists have thought about it and noticed that there is no evidence for such a hypothesis, and have therefore rejected it.

This movie fits with the intelligent design strategy of declaring itself the victim of an unfair exclusion (which isn't true, of course: they haven't ponied up the science that would legitimize them), but interestingly, its central theme seems to be that Big Science has excluded god from the classroom and the lab … it's a raw demand for a violation of the separation of church and state and for the inclusion of superstitious dogma in science. That's very convenient. It'll make it easier to use the courts to keep their religious propaganda out of the classroom.

Oh, and putting Ben Stein in short pants and playing "Bad to the Bone" does not make him a rebel. He's a Republican apologist, and he's not "cool" at all.

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