Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Since they're small and hard to come by these days, I just wanted to mention my good conservative buddy Chris again. I asked him his opinion on the Libby garbage and he began obsessing over Clinton's blowjob claiming political witch hunt until I convinced him of a huge difference between being convicted for something that obstructs justice and being convicted of not talking about sex. Then he went on to give me more reason to ask him for one thing Bush has done as a member of the executive branch that has helped anything and his response went from Bush's tax cuts(legislation) to his ideas about social security(legislation) and when finally pressed for something in area of his assigned job as head of the Executive branch, he ran away because he doesn't have time for arguments like this. In other words, the answer is nothing. George W. Bush has done nothing absolutely nothing as President of the United States in the ways of helping our country. At least that's the answer from a conservative. Personally, I would've given him some credit for going into Afghanistan right away, but see that's a sore topic because he knows I'd come back with the fact that the job over there was never finished.

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