Thursday, July 12, 2007

KJ Ill

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea will close its karaoke bars in an attempt to stem foreign influences on the isolated communist country, a South Korean civic group said Wednesday.

You know for someone with KJ in his initials, I'm a little pissed to hear about this. So North Koreans can't sing Karaoke because Kim Jong Ill is afraid of a little cultural influence. Perhaps if he ran his country better, there would be less criticism.
Not to make this out to be a huge issue, it's things like this that prevent non-communist countries from appreciating the benefits of socialism. While we have many socialist policies in our government, the Cold War has created such a bad taste in our mouths that Americans feel they need to defend against policies that support the working class and utilize public funds to help those less fortunate in society. Sure Communism is a utopian ideal, Socialism is a utopian ideal, well so is Democracy. It's only by carefully weaving different styles of government, each to what is benefited most, can we really come close to an ideal government. The only other answer is respectable anarchy.

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