Thursday, July 05, 2007


Bush in VA,
It was an invitation-only crowd, mainly West Virginia Air National Guardsmen and their families.

Mr. Bush made no mention of the fact that he served in the Texas Air National Guard at a time when the nation was mired in the Vietnam War. Instead, the president spoke of a war that was won — the United States' long and bloody war for independence.

"More than two decades [sic] later," the president said, "it is hard to imagine the Revolutionary War coming out any other way. But at the time, America's victory was far from certain. In other words, when we celebrated the first 4th of July celebration, our struggle for independence was far from certain."

The allusion clearly was to the uncertainty that shrouds the war in Iraq. But also to the prospect of eventual victory there, as well. Recently, President Bush had stopped using the words "win" or "victory" when talking about Iraq. But he once again called for triumph in his West Virginia speech.

However difficult the fight is in Iraq, we must win it," Mr. Bush said. "We must succeed for our own sake. For the security of our citizens, we must support our troops, we must support the Iraqi government, and we must defeat al-Qaida in Iraq," the president said to a round of applause.

But doing that, he said, will not be easy, as he noted, "Victory in this struggle will require more patience, more courage, and more sacrifice."

Mr. Bush warned that advice from military commanders in Iraq — rather than politics — should dictate any troop withdrawals.

I can't wait to read the President say "Well I've desecrated every American moment by comparing it to the sad eight years I was in office. I hope future historians appreciate my lack of taste."

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