Friday, July 13, 2007

I can't hear you

This photo was in a slideshow on MSNBC earlier in the week. I got there via bagnewnotes. Many remember the classic 9/11 speech where Bush supposedly said "I can hear you and the whole world hears you." This wasn't actually what he said, as I've commented on elsewhere, but the reason I post this is because the situation now really does reflect the opposite of that intention. No longer can Bush claim to be able to hear the American public. He's isolated himself so much from the true reality of our situation in Iraq, the failed efforts to recover from hurricane Katrina, and of course his outlandish disrespect for the Constitution that there's no way this President will ever hear us again. And because of this his crackpot policies killing troops everyday will continue until he's impeached or Jan. 2009 whichever comes first. Of course there's also the assassination possibility... anybody? Anybody?

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