Monday, July 16, 2007

How to be delusional

By Bill Kristol:
I suppose I'll merely expose myself to harmless ridicule if I make the following assertion: George W. Bush's presidency will probably be a successful one.

Let's step back from the unnecessary mistakes and the self-inflicted wounds that have characterized the Bush administration. Let's look at the broad forest rather than the often unlovely trees. What do we see? First, no second terrorist attack on U.S. soil -- not something we could have taken for granted. Second, a strong economy -- also something that wasn't inevitable.

And third, and most important, a war in Iraq that has been very difficult, but where -- despite some confusion engendered by an almost meaningless "benchmark" report last week -- we now seem to be on course to a successful outcome.

First, there have been some domestic terror attacks, just none large enough to explain to a conservative. Second, the economy is not doing so well just because of the Bush tax cuts, and it should be noted that the budget is controlled by Congress, not the President. And third, there are only two people that think the benchmark report shows success in Iraq, W. and Joe Lieberman. Oh I guess we can add Kristol to that list also. Idiots.

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