Monday, July 09, 2007

Health Care

From here:
Republican governors such as Arnold Schwartzenegger of California are in favor of the expansion of the program. PHARMA is in favor of the expansion of the program. Millions of working parents who either don't have employer provided health coverage or whose coverage doesn't include dependents are certainly in favor of expansion of the program. Only private insurance companies and the White House disapprove of it.

I guess having healthy children isn't a high priority for this administration, even though the cost of the expansion will be less than 10% of what the Iraq War has cost.

I guess the sanctity of human life has its limits.

The entire post is worth reading, but I'm not going to delve into the bullshit coming out of the White House, I think this bit of Diane's post sums it pretty well. Our government is afraid of spending money to help our people, but more than willing to spend it killing our troops. I think we have a priority problem here. While I've never been an advocate for big government, I really think insurance companies have stolen our ability to have reasonable healthcare for everybody. Costs are so high for even preventative maintenance, and a single payer government system would alleviate that quite a bit. Yes, it will cost tax money to accomplish, but this is an area where it's needed. If we're to continue being a civilized republic, it's in our best interests to have healthy citizens. And for advocates of the strong military for protection, I really don't think the billion dollars a week spent in Iraq is protecting anybody.

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