Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tao of Today

Hua Hu Ching
Trans. Hau-Ching Ni

"Kind prince, the confrontational nature of the dualistic worldly life is so unhealthy; the way of misleading religions is distorted; the way of materialism is cruel; the way of blind spiritualization is unreal. Chanting is not more holy than the murmuring of a stream. Counting one's prayer's beads is not more sacred than normal breathing. Colorful religious robes are not more spiritual than plain civilian clothes. Therefore, relying on these superficial trappings of spiritual life will get one nowhere. The only way to attain the absolute state of being is through embracing absolute oneness and leading a selfless life. By anonymously contributing to other's lives one may burnish the brightness of one's soul and radiate virtue to the world. Imbalance may be created by overdeveloping the physical or mental aspects of one's being. Be calm, happy and content with your own being, and live only according to your true nature.
"Kind prince, it is impossible to escape the destiny you have formed by your past actions. There is hope, however, for evolving and transforming one's being. Those who have all-encompassing, universal awareness are able to take responsibility for their lives and for their environment. They radiate a healthy influence to others and illuminate the world's darkness. Their absolute virtue becomes a sanctuary, not only for themselves, but for all beings. Virtue is the only true power of life. Those on the Universal Integral Way(Tao) are resolutely dedicated to their own evolution and also to the evolution of all beings. Their lives are a process of self-refinement and self-transcendance. They are truly an extension of the Universal One."

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