Thursday, August 10, 2006

More proof that Bush is an idiot

"this nation is at war with Islamic fascists."

Look believe whatever you want to about what the war on terror is, but face the fact that the more rhetoric from the White House that mentions war with Islam, the more "emboldened" the terrorists will be. See we've had our government say it so many times, that whether they use words like "fascists" or "extreme fundamentalists" or even "misguided" mentioning and emphasizing that they are Islamic creates more anti-western hatred. Sure these people may be Muslims. They may be doing what they are doing with the intent to bring them higher spiritual greatness, but they do not and should not be labeled in such terms that group them with the greater majority of Islamic peoples around the world. Sure I don't assume that Muslims read or hear these speeches and get all pissed off that they are grouped with terrorists, but what happens is that non-Muslims equate it as such almost subconsciously. I'm sick of hearing idiots in the US say things like "we should just bomb them all" and rhetoric like this just makes one more jackass have that opinion.

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