Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got nothing today

Well I've been reading news articles all day:
Hezbollah's cease fire decree if Isreal stops their bombing campaign with the condition that if Isreal bombs their capital, they'll bomb Tel Aviv
Some shit about Joe Lieberman claiming to have questioned Bush on the Iraq war from the moment he voted for the war
Louisianna trying to stop all of the BS port issues happening
How to pass a lie detector test
The courts ruling that Tom Delay's name has to stay on the ballot since he won the primary even though he's resigned from office
Possibilities of an Iraqi civil war and the several deaths that happened there yesterday and today
The U.S. being unhappy with Castro's brother as dictator pro-tempore

And I've got nothing that I think is really worth posting.

So I thought I'd make a comment about the Tao for Today stuff for any of you that are wondering what that's all about.
A while back I started sending out emails to some friends citing passages of the Tao Te Ching with the intent on just sharing the wisdom of that ancient text. Recently I've figured that it's worthwhile content for the madness blog since it does give some insight into a practice that contains many ideals that Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, you name it practice within their own sphere. If I were to claim myself of an organized religious practice, I'd probably say Taoism. But it's not really a religion the way I see it, so much as a philosophy for understanding life and the world we live in as well as the natural order of things. These posts will usually be like the one below, usually with less commentary from me. I like to float away from the Tao Te Ching when I see something elsewhere that inspires me. Some works will come from the Hua Hu Ching(the oral traditions of Taoism) and some may come from the I Ching or some other ancient text or modern intepretation. The purpose of these posts is not to train or impose my beliefs, more just to provide yet another perspective to help cope with the crazy mad world we live in. These translations are also not my own and I choose them out of personal respect to the translators or authors and not with the intent to steal the material for personal gain. So read and enjoy and if it helps you attain a higher sense of understanding, it's not my fault, but I appreciate your comments.

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