Tuesday, August 01, 2006


From BagNews

"Let's line up those war props -- uh, I mean crewmen -- then have the commander-in-cheese do a runway walk down the broom-swept dock doing his old "smoke 'em out of their holes" strut. Shoot it from a low vantage so that Everyman -- with the rolled-up shirtsleeves -- looks as big as the ship. Make him perfectly centered with the bridge and lined-up with the vertical red stripe to connote the utmost symmetry (cognitively contradicting the fact that absolutely nothing lines up anymore). Have him move left-to-right, as if he's always transitioning from the past, but is always halfway.

But next time, kill that self-conscious thing with the lips. It clashes with the upward, far-off vision thing."

Also note the post below this one... and the one below it... and the one below it.

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