Thursday, August 10, 2006


Wow. Liquid bombs. Scary stuff. So no more beverages, lotions or hair gels are allowed as carry ons. Well at least for now. I don't know what to make of this quite yet. I doubt it'll affect things for too long.


neblinoso said...

NPR had a story on the liquid bombs this morning. they're saying in the future airport security will become even more thorough. Maybe they should work on being thorough now...i can't tell you how many times i've had my purse/bag searched for lighters, matches...i even had a butter knife in my bag once...but do they ever confiscate any of that stuff? NO! so how are things going to become safer when no one is even taking the small stuff like lighters and nail clippers?

Dr 4LOM said...

Well this topic has been mulled over by many "experts" with suggestions on how to make airports safer. I myself have had the experience of getting a pair of nail clippers taken away from me, but I was allowed to have my leatherman which is a double bladed single handed release knife, but the problem isn't what's allowed, it's who's allowing it.
The problem with airport security is that security guards make crap money. These guys(or gals) are expected to be friendly and unthreatening to everyone, and at the same time they have to make people do things that they hate and therefore get a lot of grief for doing their job.
So solving this problem is not about making more rules, but making the security guard position a little better paid and a lot better trained.
Then again, if they did that, than our plane ticket prices go up. No one wins.