Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well the 911 tapes from 9-11 are out and some of the info is a bit shocking.
The things that stuck out to me:
-Police and Fire depts. were not in active communication during the crisis. Several specially trained units for extiguishing fires in high buildings using helicopters were not delpoyed.
-The World Trade Center's emergency exits didn't even meet the standards of 1968 when it was built.
-Several 911 operators were not aware of the situation as it was happening.

So why does this matter? Well this isn't a finger pointing campaign or a reason to keep bringing up a sore subject, it's for answers. The people whose family members were lost to this incident deserve to know as much as possible and country deserves to know where the failures and successes were to ensure that when something like this happens again, we're better prepared. Read the article.

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