Wednesday, April 26, 2006

all this illegal immigration crap...

it seems like everyone's forgotten about certain issues that still have not been answered concerning the war and katrina, but hey, let's just move right on and come up with another stupid issue we can distract the masses with through constant media coverage.

A wall is being built to keep people out of our country...and a lot of money ($39 mil and counting) is being provided to make it a super big "we don't want you" type of wall. when this wall is finally complete, are we going to suddenly become a communist country without anyone mentioning it? what about the n.o. levee walls? where was the money for that when they needed it?

does anyone see the slight irony in all the legislation that is trying to get passed ultra quickly and the decision in which we invaded another country? maybe it's not irony, but i find it odd that our goverment wants to keep out illegal immigrants, but it's okay to invade another country and force them into a sudo-american style government...because our daddy has issues with oil.

if we want to keep those illegal immigrants out, i say we just stop advertising america as a free country and really get the word out there how even if you became a citizen, all your rights will slowly be taken away and your government will turn its back on you when disaster strikes. maybe we should just build a huge, titanium dome over the continental united states...that'll keep 'em out!

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