Thursday, March 09, 2006

Port Security

First go read this Alterman article
Like many topics swirling around I have yet to really comment on this one. Mostly due to time constraints, but I caught this article today and I feel it's a good representation of how things are being handled these days. Not only are we stuck with a mainstream media whorehouse that doesn't really care to "investigate" for fear that they might wind up in some internment camp, but we have an administration that finds it okay, if not downright good policy to ignore everything that they themselves use as an excuse to keep our country at "war". Katrina proved what everyone pretty much suspected, that we aren't ready and we aren't even willing to be ready should some unforeseeable tragedy strike our borders. It also proved(thanks to some recent proof) that even when the tragedy is foreseeable and determined to happen, our government only gives a shit about the people with big dollars that are contributing to their campaigns for re-election. Now I can appreciate that if you want to get in office today you need backers and if those with the most money have specific wants and desires, it's in your best interest to grant their wishes, but that in no way justifies selling out the future of America so that some fat cat can make another billion dollars. Money is what rules this country and it will continue to rule this country so long as we put scumbags in office. No, there's never going to be a way to rid the federal government of corruption, but wouldn't it be great if just once, the guys in charge had at least a fleeting concern for the implications of their actions? A little bit of respect for the common citizen wouldn't hurt either.

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