Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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here are some of my comments after reading bush's speech:

"They [terrorists] seek to impose a heartless system of totalitarian control throughout the Middle East and arm themselves with weapons of mass murder."

doesn't the u.s. government possess wmd's? i'm pretty sure that we do, and i'm also pretty sure that bush has his own agenda for imposing "a heartless system of totalitarian control". i just don't get why every other country has to be weapon's-free, except us? what kind of message is that?

"There is no peace in retreat. And there is no honor in retreat." ... "we will never surrender to evil."

as someone mentioned on the beepo blog, you simply cannot fight evil and thus cannot achieve peace by fighting a war against something that really isn't fightable.

"Democracies replace resentment with hope, respect the rights of their citizens and their neighbors and join the fight against terror."

this is another one of those "if you're an american, then you're for the war" statements. This current "democracy" has certainly not given me hope for a better future. what about the rights for women to have choices? how is that being respected? under bush's reign, not only have i denounced my americanism, but i also have serious doubts about the glorious freedoms of a democracy.



Rattlehead said...

Nice to see you're up and running. 4lom. Here's a copy of my post on my little "hot tempered" blog on myspace:

So, I've been following this France Soir cartoonist who drew offending pictures of the prophet Mohammad. For those of you who aren't aware, here's the skinny: Cartoonist draws satirical cartoon of the prophet Mohammad with a bomb tied in his turban. Muslims get offended and boycott the newspaper. Islamic clerics support the boycott and even go so far withdraw ambassadors from Denmark and close relations with the country. Norway closes its mission in Palestine. The media portrays angry mobs of Muslims around the world calling for retaliation. Wasn't really newsworthy to me, either until the owner of France Soir (the newspaper that employed the cartoonist) shitcanned the guy.

Soooooo, now what? Don't look at this face value. Look at the implications here. One side (the European media) claims freedom of speech and freedom of religion is more important than appeasing these Muslims. Now there are several militant groups threatening to "target" Danes, French, and Norwegians. Palestinian gunmen even surrounding the EU offices in the West Bank and demanded a formal apology for the cartoon. In response? The Germans, Italians, Dutch, and Spanish all re-ran the cartoon in several of their newspapers to show support for freedom of speech and religion. The France Soir owner (an Egyptian) says he fired the manager of the paper "to show respect for the intimate beliefs and convictions of every individual."

What a bunch of horseshit.

Regardless, I think this shows PERFECTLY the lack of understanding among us Westerners just how important Islam is to these people AND how many in the Arab world have a lack of understanding about freedom of speech/religion as a primary part of democracy.

I'm not Christian so I don't know how I'd feel if I saw a cartoon of Jesus with a dildo up his ass or something really offensive like that. (Forgive the offensive image, but keep in mind that ANY depiction of the prophet Mohammad is strictly forbidden by Islamic law).

Dr 4LOM said...

Y'know from your comments, it sounds to me like you didn't listen to our leader's speech. Perhaps you'd rather live in a totalitarian regime? lol.

Rattlehead said...

Our leader had a speech? I know Bush had a little speech, but when did our leader speak?