Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome Neblinoso!

From the spanish word for misty or hazy, we welcome Neblinoso to the site. For some reason her name is only showing up as "neb" at the moment, but we'll get that sorted out. Neb's been reading the blog for a while with another alias, but I've asked her to start posting because she's insightful, imaginative and has access to a very extensive database. Be sure to check out her first post below, and I'm sure that like I am, you'll be looking forward to more posts from this shadowy enigma.


Anonymous said...

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Hope to hear from you soon!

Dr 4LOM said...

Who the fuck are these people? What a bunch of bullshit. Now I've gotten spammed and I've gotten junk mail, but I've never before had someone try to sell me on some academic venture by posting to my blog. As for advancing my life, these folks should know that I'm not concerned with getting a new degree.

neblinoso said...

Thank you for such a wonderful introduction. i just hope i can keep up with the political discussions. :D

Dr 4LOM said...

If you can keep up with me on a drunken soapbox, you can certainly keep up with this topics on this blog. Besides, madness shouldn't be limited to politics. I look forward to seeing what you find interesting enough to post. Don't be afraid to post and don't be afraid to do it often. I'm sure those that read this would welcome a breath of fresh air from the rantings of a lunatic such as myself. On that note, I have another response to my Blammer(get it, blog spammer?) WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BACHELOR'S!