Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Taft in Trouble?

Ha Ha

"Columbus - Prosecutors are expected to decide today whether Gov. Bob Taft will go down in history as Ohio's first governor charged with a crime while in office."

Probably won't happen, but we can dream right?

UPDATE: He is being charged. 52 counts of receiving gifts. Something like $6000 undeclared. Each charge has a fine of up to $1000 with 6 months in jail time. Doubtful that any jail time would be given, but unless prosecutor agrees to allow Taft to file Guilty in absentia, he'll have to appear before a court for this. Sad thing is we're talking about stupidity really. Gifts include golf outings, Blue Jacket tickets, meals, etc. Why wouldn't you just declare these things? Defense so far still has on it's side that prosecutors must prove that Taft knowingly failed to file these gifts, but I think it's pretty likely that they wouldn't raise charges unless they knew they could prove that. Much of this is due to the poor handling of the Noe coin scam business, but Taft is the first Governor in Ohio to ever be called up on ethics charges. Pretty big stuff.
Correction:(sort of) there are actually only 4 charges. The offense count is 52 and the prosecutors split the charges by year to correspond with the way Taft's financial reports are filed.

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