Monday, August 15, 2005

First Woman Hired As White House Executive Chef

WASHINGTON -- For the first time ever, a woman will hold the job of head chef at the White House, First Lady Laura Bush announced Sunday.

The job goes to Cris Comerford, who has been an assistant chef at the White House for 10 years.
Bush, who has been auditioning applicants for months, said Comerford's "passion for cooking can be tasted in every bite of her delicious creations."
Comerford has been trained in French classical techniques and specializes in ethnic and American cuisine. She has a bachelor's degree in Food Technology from the University of the Philippines.
Comerford developed the menu for last month's dinner for India's prime minister.
She replaces Walter Scheib, the chef hired by the Clinton White House.
He resigned in February.
The head chef is responsible for designing and executing menus for state dinners, social events, holiday functions, receptions and official luncheons hosted by the president and first lady.


is this supposed to placate liberals and boost Ws approval rating, which, i might add, continues it's inevitible decline? i think not, but the article has all the fixins of an "oooohhh, look at us..we've placed a female in a head position" meal. i guess trying to find a woman to replace o'connor was just too difficult, so they tried to compensate for my, and what should be the public's, disappointment. who knows...perhaps cris has a special recipe in store for W.

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Dr 4LOM said...

Yes yes, the ever growing dogma to reclaim the 50s. We can't have women on the Supreme Court, they should be in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. While I doubt that was the full reasoning behind this appointment. For all we know she makes a kick ass Chili Relleno, but the article does seem to overembellish the fact that she's the first female cook in the White House.