Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boobs for Office

Well I don't remember where the hell I was last night watching this(probably burning one in the back room of the Winchester), but I thought it was pretty hilarious. Then to see it all over the blogs, well I just had to share this with you guys. Check out Crooks and Liars, they've got the video and a screen shot.
Basically, Katherin Harris of 2000 election shame ... er ... fame. She's the one that certified the false count in Florida. Anyhow, she's currently running for Senate with very little support from the republican party. Partly due to the Florida election and partly due to other media criticism over her overly conservative image(that and that disgusting blue eye shadow). Apparently she still has support via her wonder bra though. In this clip she's trying so hard to look like some kind of doped up sex kitten, it's hilarious. She's standing sideways which makes her look uncomfortable as hell and the purpose? Well check out how her shoulders are back showing her girls proudly. If you watch the video, she almost reverts back to her normal posture, but kicks them shoulders back to get the wiggle going. She's also using the beauty pageant smile and paying so much attention to how she mouths words that she flubs up her talking points worse than W on a coke bender. Well at least she can't claim that someone photoshopped her standing sideways, although she'll probably make some comment about how the camera crew wanted a certain angle. Hey, who needs WWJD or WWYDFAKB, now it's WWYDFASS(What would you do for a Senate Seat.

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