Friday, August 05, 2005

Bob Novak on Inside Politics

I don't have a good link for this, but I'm sure you can find the video everywhere. But anyone that watched the Daily Show last night saw it. Basically, Katherine Harris(yes the same person that certified Bush's victory in Florida 2000 election) was claiming that someone photoshopped extra makeup on her photo. Well not only is that stupid, but on Inside Politics, James Carville and Bob Novak were discussing this report when Carville mentioned that it would be good for well here's the transcript:
"In the meantime, Harris is blaming unnamed newspapers for tarnishing her image by doctoring her makeup with Photoshop. -- that computer program. Bob Novak, have you been investigating this make-up story?
NOVAK: No, but I've had the same experience that she did. A lot of my trouble in the world is that they've doctored my make-up and colorized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture. So, I sympathize with her.
HENRY: This is breaking news. I've haven't heard this.
CARVILLE: Breaking news. Who did it? What paper?
NOVAK: Well, I don't. I can't tell you.
CARVILLE: Yes. You know the two happiest people in America today about this decision, is Bill Nelson and Jay Leno. I mean --
HENRY: Bill Nelson the Democratic Senator.
CARVILLE: The Democratic Senator and Jay Leno. That -- I mean, they're going to go nuts over this. They're messing with my make-up, but you really don't know who it is. I mean, let's say this: She's going to be good for the humor circuit. She's going to be good for the speech circuit and she's good for a lot. And I think that Nelson -- I think, it's probably no secret that the White House wanted the speaker to run and I suspect that the Nelson people are, you know, feeling pretty good here today.
NOVAK: A couple of points here: The first place, don't be too sure she's going to lose. All the establishment's against her and I've seen these Republican -- anti-establishment candidates who do pretty well. Ronald Reagan, I guarantee you that the establishment wasn't for him. We just elected a senator from Oklahoma, Senator Tom Coburn, everybody in the establishment was against him. She might get elected -- So, wait. Just let me finish what I'm going to say, James. Please, I know you hate to hear me, but you have...
CARVILLE: He's got to show these right wingers that he's got backbone. Show them you're tough.
NOVAK: Well, I think that's bullshit. And I hate that. Just let it go. "

At this point, Novak just stood up, removed his mic and walked off set. It was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on CNN. How do you embarass yourself like that on international tv? Well there are a few theories. First off, it's obvious Novak was offended by Carville claiming he was just trying to look tough to conservatives, which is probably all there was BUT... the bloggers have been taking note to the book that's sitting on the desk during the interview. Apparently one of the crackpot excuses for Rove not actually being responsible for outing Plame is that Novak got the info from a book called "who's who in the U.S." This would discredit attacks against Rove, and it's possible that Carville brought the book on set to show that Plame's info was not in the book. This may be why Novak is nervous during the entire interview, or it could just be too many cocktails before the shoot, who knows.

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