Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is the strangest story I've seen in weeks:
Tulsa - The man suspected in the brutal murder of a pregnant waitress in Hominy Tuesday was recently honored for his generosity to the community.

63-year-old Roy Westbrook is expected to make his first court appearance Wednesday. He's accused of walking into the Hominy Diner Tuesday afternoon and shooting 26-year-old Becky Clemens three times.

There were about fifty people inside the restaurant at the time, including owner Chad Filali.

"I heard pops. I didn't know if they were guns or not to tell you the truth until people came out and said 'there's a shooting inside, there's a shooting inside.'"

Fellow waitress Sherri Hinton may have been the closest to Clemens when the shots were fired.

"I walked past her with my bus tub. I heard a bang go off and I turned around and saw her hit the counter, then the floor and blood was gushing out of her ear," Hinton says. "I didn't know that man. He had his back to her. I didn't know he was standing there with a gun in his hand."

Clemens was 11 weeks pregnant. Police say they don't have a motive, but say Westbrook was Clemens' former landlord. The victim's sister says they had been threatened by Westbrook over money disputes.

Just this past January, the Hominy News Progress gave Westbrook an award for his generosity to the community. Now, he sits in the Osage County Jail awaiting pending charges.

Editor & Publisher's online mag mentions something about a letter to the editor that the dead woman wrote complaining of graffitti on her sister's house without naming Westbrook outright, but this is the fucked up world we live in where the guy that's declared citizen of the year kills a pregnant woman over rent money.


GeMatt said...

Yea just ignore that whole innocent untill proven guilty thing, yea that's fucked. "suspected" is not convicted. Bill Clinton had suspected involvement in several murders and he was president. That why the courts are there.

Dr 4LOM said...

Well I'm sure with the witness count on this one he'll go to jail for certain. The larger irony here is that this guy was a prominant member of printed society and he shot someone point blank for reasons unknown. As for Clinton, I haven't seen anything to make me believe he was responsible for any murders. I think people hate Clinton because he was successful in public regardless of how much scandal the media generated around him. The truth is that Clinton was popular because the country was going very well at the time. Blame Clinton for that or not, but he would've won a third term in a heartbeat next to W. What I have to say I appreciate about your comment though, GeMatt, is that at least you didn't hump the Lewinski scandal. Suspicions of murder are still "up in the air" as it were, but anyone that says Clinton disgraced the office by having an affair is sorely naive of the history of American presidents. I love your avatar btw.

Anonymous said...

I knew the gunman as a child.
my family still kept in touch with him. He is a 63 yr old alcoholic and will be in jail for the rest of his life. The worst is that it was the sister of the victim that he was gunning for. And it turned out that the victim was not pregnant(after post mortem testing)Still, crazy bugger.
You never know. As far as clinton, who cares the point is a senior citizen can end your life when ever thay feel like it, as easy as anyone else.
lets not make this girls death anymore trivial with politics.
as far as the worlds concerned we live here we are guilty too.

Dr 4LOM said...

Well I must say I appreciate comments from someone who was close to this incident. Thanks for sharing that it was indeed her sister that he was attacking. That was a part of the story I could only speculate.
You're one hundred percent right about the Clinton stuff, I don't know exactly what point GeMatt was trying to make with that comment.
I certainly didn't intend to over politicize this event. It was posted more to the point you make. Anyone, even someone that is considered a great man in a community can flip and attack an innocent person. As for us all being guilty, well I think there's a reason this man will be in jail and you or I won't. Sad story though indeed.