Monday, July 11, 2005

Operation GTFO Bayou Edition

Well we had a little shindig for Susie Q on Saturday so she could say goodbye to some folks up here in Cleveland. We also had a nice time with her family at a big gathering yesterday. Those that aren't aware, we're moving everything including Susie down this weekend. I'll be heading back to Cleveland to stick around for a few more weeks, but anyone that would like to see the Suester before she leaves ought to make a call.


ligitgill said...

Why is everyone moving to New Orleans?

Dr 4LOM said...

Well only Susie and I are going at this point. We've been trying to get out of Cleveland for a while now, and New Orleans is the only place that we've really felt at home. Of course New Orleans is also ripe with oddities of every type and currently some developing theater companies so that helps too. I guess it's more about changing and moving on than anything though.