Thursday, July 07, 2005

Idiots in the media

Okay this article was written yesterday, before the bombing, so nothing should be implied about that, but this is one of the most ignorant and tasteless things to come from Fox news.

"All day long people have been saying to me, "Wasn't it great they didn't pick Paris?" And I've been saying, "No, no, no."

Paris was exactly the right place to pick and the Olympic committee screwed up.

Why? Simple. It would have been a three-week period where we wouldn't have had to worry about terrorism.

First, the French think they are so good at dealing with the Arab world that they would have gone out and paid every terrorist off. And things would have been calm.

Or another way to look at it is the French are already up to their eyeballs in terrorists. The French hide them in miserable slums, out of sight of the rich people in Paris.

So it would have been a treat, actually, to watch the French dealing with the problem of their own homegrown Islamist terrorists living in France already.

What would the French have done about rounding up their own citizens?

Would they have afforded their own terrorists the rights they insist we give the detainees at Gitmo? Not a chance. They'd throw them in the clink, or ship them off to North Africa pronto.

Would they have blocked terrorists at the border with unreasonable search and seizure — precisely what they say we should not do? Of course they would. Anybody looking faintly Arab would have had the gendarmerie on them in a flash.

It would have been a delight to have Parisians worried about security instead of New Yorkers. It would have been exquisite to watch.

But, alas, they picked London. I like the Brits. I like London. I hate to see them going through all this garbage when it would have been just fine in Paris.

C'est la vie. Goes to show the Olympic committee doesn't recognize the perfect opportunity when it presents itself.

That's My Word."

Not only does this asshole have zero concept of French politics, his implication is obviously intended to promote and support poor U.S. policy on detainees. It's just like the other day when Amy Robach's commented on MSNBC about protestors of Bush's July 4th speech earlier in the week. Television news personalities(note that I didn't use the term 'journalist') need to realize that these off handed comments they make not only show their bias, but they are bad news. It's not the responsibility of the news media to slip subtle opinion into their reports. That's the sort of vehicle reserved for comedians and satirists if nothing but for the strict reason that you're supposed to be looking to these people for NEWS. Not another cheap shot at France or the protestors or anyone that doesn't support President Asshole and his mighti team of power penises on their ever expanding crusade to rid the world of non-christians with brown skin! Can you tell I'm pissed about this? Another reason this article is so awful is because it came coincidentily on a day when terrorists decided to launch a multi-location attack on London. If you work for the press, or the TeeVee news, you're writing brief notes on history day by day and when the day after you write a BS article, that article can be easily misconstrued to have forethought of a tragic event like what actually happened in London because of terrorists, it looks worse. And it's sad really. This guy probably thought he was really being a funny guy with his assfaced approach to a great peaceful event like the Olympics and their decision of venue. These fuckers just shit on everything.

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