Saturday, June 04, 2005

Old Business

Okay, I've been a slacker, but the good news is I have a temporary day job now, so I can actually not be speaking from the broke perspective. Anyhow, I wanted to mention something about the whole Amnesty International thing even though it's pretty old news. I'm talking about gulags here, and you guys know I put up a post about the first mention of the U.S. gulags that are about 20 prisons around the world that the U.S. has been detaining people since just before 9/11. Anyhow I just wanted to bring this up because I'm curious what others think about this and I really didn't get many comments last time. Of course, my opinion is that this is wrong wrong wrong. There is no excuse for the United States to detain a person without charge for more than 3 days. Even that is stretching it, but I understand a lot of police investigation involves ensuring that the right charge is given for the accused to be properly arraigned. Bottom line, some of these people have been captured for years now and they can't contact families arrange attorneys, nothing. And that my friends is Un-American. EVERY MAN deserves the right to stand trial and face his accusers WITH the help of legal counsel. Now it comes out about them abusing copies of the Qu' ran, and that's despicable as well. We are not fighting the right war when we offend an entire religious sect. The only exception to that rule is the religious sects that are trying to take over the world, like the moonies or Jerry Fallwell.

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ligitgill said...

I find it mind-boggling the White House response being, " Well what do you expect? It's probably an America hater who claims all this abuse and probably was having a bad day..." Jeezus Christ. Who do they THINK would not respond in a negative way? An actual terrorist that turned himself in? Egads.