Friday, May 13, 2005

A ponder on pandering

I was sitting up late last night and I caught an interesting show that turned out to be an infomercial. The product? For $650 you can send someone from Russia or Etheopia to Isreal. The target audience? CHRISTIANS?!? It brought to mind an interesting ponder I'd like to bring up. Why is it that in modern religious politics, christians are overwhelmingly pandering to Jews? It just seems strange to me, and watching this program made me think about it even more. Why is a religion that for so many years showed a pure breed necessity towards anti-semitism currently bending over backwards to help Isreal? Is it defence against the Muslim world? Get them on our side so it's two against one? Is it because the state of Isreal was created by the western world? Why would it make sense to send the Jews to Isreal? Is it like a black folks back to Africa thing? Am I just being unintentionally rascist?

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