Friday, May 20, 2005

Next step regenerative limbs

South Korea is making headway with stem cell research. They've created a method that may be able to rebuild organs. From Juan Cole:
"South Koreans, unhampered by the tradition of anti-intellectualism that still bedevils the United States, have made a major breakthrough in stem cell research. They took eggs from volunteers, snipped out the nuclei, and inserted nuclei from the skin of eleven patients sick with various disorders. They then jump-started cell division, and the resulting cells were as though they came from the 11 patients. Ideally this process could be used to grow organs and regenerate brain and nerve cells, so as to cure a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer's."

It's really a sweet technique as far as the science goes. Being able to create "patient specific" stem cells to possiblily rebuild or recreate cell tissue. This is huge and although Congress seems to be trying to support it, Bush and company are right in line to oppose it. Bush is worried this may lead to cloning and god-like supremecy like the ability to take over a country without it's consent and claim it as an "example of freedom".

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