Friday, April 22, 2005

Tom DeLay and how the dems are being republicans

So we've got the ethics scandals that were once plaguing the dems all coming down on Tom DeLay. How does he fight it? By cronyism. Now the republican leaders in Congress want to remove the judicial filibuster which has been used by the minority party in many cases to stifle inappropriate judicial appointments and well any appointment that requires Congressional support really. There's always the back and forth argument that republicans got mad when the dems would use filibusters because they'd whine that they had never done that before and of course they have and well it's all a tinkle contest that is going to end up the same way it did about ten years ago. This time though, instead of the republicans shutting down congressional business to screw with Clinton, the Dems are going to do it over these pathetic rule changes. Let's face it, I've said before that our founding fathers had never intended for there to be an instance where all three branches of government were controlled by the same party, but that's what we've got. So there is no telling how many more atrocities they will add to the list until someone in the media changes the viewpoint or well there's an election next year that may remove republican control. But really I'm outraged to watch C-Span more than ever. Hearing the excuses for removing good programs and replacing them with crap is really starting to get old. I wonder what immigration vs. emmigration numbers are right now.

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