Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More reason to hate Bill Gates

Many of you might not be aware, but Microsoft recently pulled their original massive support for gay civil rights(they were awarded with a gift for being such an overwhelming supporter). Bastards.

Microsoft paying Religious Right leader Ralph Reed $20,000 a month retainer

by John in DC - 4/26/2005 09:00:00 AM

AMERICAblog.com has learned that Microsoft is currently paying a $20,000 a month retainer to former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed's consulting firm Century Strategies. Which now begs the question of whether Reed was in any way involved with Microsoft's recent decision to abandon its decades long support for gay civil rights in order to curry favor with anti-gay bigots of the radical right.

(Evidence picture removed so the post fits properly)

You can find copies of the invoices here:
- Six months of payments to Ralph Reed's Century Strategies.
- Detailed April invoice for $20,000 to Century Strategies.

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