Monday, April 11, 2005

Juan Cole quotes Lewis Black

I often like to link to Juan Cole, but today I couldn't help it. He went to see Lewis Black, well you just have to take a look at the post. Lewis Black ranted about how awful the city of Detroit was, and Juan Cole took it to spin the people that are really suffering due to the over expenditures in Iraq. Thinking about it, I live in Cleveland, and we're currently considered poorer than Detroit. It's true though when you think about it. Billions of wasted dollars mean less money in the general budget for the states and well it's sort of like that trickle down thing conservatives always mention, but this time it's red numbers that trickle down. States are being forced to stretch their budgets to meet new federal standards without even the expected amounts of federal dollars, which are too few to begin with. Granted states like Ohio have poor tax structure which adds to the problem, but the bottom line is that there are billions to spend and right now, they're being spent on someone else.

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