Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I always wondered why Rummy was an insult...

Rummy opens his big mouth to avoid saying we're "winning" in Iraq
From Rueters:
Asked during the briefing "are we winning" the war, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld did not directly respond.
"The United States and the coalition forces, in my personal view, will not be the thing that will defeat the insurgency," Rumsfeld said.
"So, therefore, winning or losing is not the issue for 'we,' in my view, in the traditional, conventional context of using the word 'winning' and 'losing' in a war. The people that are going to defeat that insurgency are going to be the Iraqis."

Quickly solving the PR nightmare Myers jumps on it:

After Rumsfeld finished, Myers interjected, "I'm going to say this: I think we are winning, OK? I think we're definitely winning. I think we've been winning for some time."

Speaking on his own though, even Myers admits that little
progress has been made in the past year:

"I think their capacity stays about the same," Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said of Iraq's insurgents during a Pentagon briefing. "And where they are right now is where they were almost a year ago."

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