Tuesday, March 08, 2005

couple of things

This is sort of a catch up, but I hope nobody missed:
-The UN hater that the Bushies just nominated as our ambassador for that body.

-There's a lot more flying around about that judge whose family was slaughtered because a photo was posted of her with the caption "Gotcha" on a white supremecists web site.

-Atrios came up with a good question about private accounts for social security: " Under the current Social Security system, it isn't necessary for employers to make Social Security payments in a timely fashion. Even if they're late with their payments employees can be credited appropriately.
However, under a private account system the timing of stock or index fund transactions is critical. Would employers be liable for any lost capital gains due to late payment of payroll taxes? If not, why not?"

nd here's another fun one. A reporter at the LA Times calls Greenspan on his involvement with the current Social Security shortfall. (shorter version since you need to register to read the article:Short version: Greenspan supported 11 trillion in tax cuts and then woke up and discovered the baby boomers would retire and cost $3.5 trillion -- and the retiring boomers are the fiscal problem. or as writer Brownstien says: "Is he kidding?
That's the only possible reaction to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan's conclusion last week that the massive federal budget deficit accumulated under President Bush was "unsustainable." Declared Greenspan: "The principle that I think is involved here … [is] that you cannot continuously introduce legislation which tends to expand the budget deficit."
That would be an entirely reasonable — even urgent — warning from someone who didn't bear so much responsibility for the problem he's describing. Greenspan lamenting higher deficits is like New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner complaining about inflated baseball salaries.)"

-And one more to almost laugh at it's so sad:

Senator Lindsey Graham has ignited a new furor in Washington over comments he made over the weekend referring to his state’s difficulty in “getting over” President Abraham Lincoln, with apparent reference to Lincoln’s role in the civil war and the freeing of American slaves, RAW STORY has learned.

“We don’t do Lincoln Day Dinners in South Carolina,” Senator Graham told a Lincoln Day gathering in Tennessee Saturday. “It’s nothing personal, but it takes awhile to get over things.”

So apparently, South Carolinans have nothing nice to say about Lincoln. Given that their population is 30% black, I'm sure there's quite a lot of reasons for South Carolinans to have "Lincoln Day Dinners", it's just uptight douchebag government officials like Mr. Graham here that can't "get over it".

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